Artist: Pleq & Philippe Lamy
Album: Sans Titre
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: CDr
Catalogue N°: PF042
Release date: December 2013

0. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Zéro (02:34)
1. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Une (13:23)
2. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Deux (04:44)
3. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Trois (04:52)
4. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Quatre (04:08)
5. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Quatre (Pjusk Remix) (05:52)
6. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Deux (Marcus Fjellström Remix) (04:28)
7. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Trois (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix) (04:27)

Finally come out a long-awaited album, which was a continuation of the fruitful cooperation and friendship between Pleq and Pocket Fields. At this time it is new collaboration with talented French electronic musician Philippe Lamy. What you will hear on “Sans Titre” - a fascinating musical trip full of suspense and unexpected findings in terms of sound plot. Pleq and Philippe Lamy skillfully balance on the verge of experimental ambient, noisy textures and modern classic in minimalism tradition. Aged and cold sound of this record only emphasizes its advantage - it’s the case when austerity atmosphere of music literally breathtaking.

Furthermore, in the creation of “Sans Titre” also participated several artists, without which it is difficult to imagine modern ambient scene.
3 remixed was made by Pjusk, Marcus Fjellström and Ben Lukas Boysen.

:: The starting point of this album were the remixes of such artists as Pjusk, Marcus Fjellström, Ben Lukas Boysen and the creation of original track based on them. Second point that is worth noticing is the fact that the first track starts with number 0.

:: Written and produced by Bartosz Dziadosz and Philippe Lamy at the turn of 2012 and 2013.
   Track 0, 3, 7 voice by Sandrine Deumier (
   Track 5 remixed by Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik / Rune Sagevik (
   Track 6 remixed by Marcus Fjellström (
   Track 7 remixed by Ben Lukas Boysen (

:: Bartosz: Thanks to my dear friend Philippe for his cooperation and special thanks to Anna Mazur for all her support.
   Thanks to Vadim from Pocket Fields for an album.

Limited Edition: CDr - 200 copies
Handstitched hard envelope.
Each cdr manually stamped with an ink print.

For ordering CDr via PayPall for e-mail:
13€ (including worldwide shipping)

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