image Artist: Dario Ferrante
Album: AB ABstraction
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF036
Release date: July 2013

01. Dario Ferrante - AB ABstraction (47:38)

Pocket Fields preparing a long-awaited conceptual release. At this time we offer the work of Italian musician Dario Ferrante, who is well known as electroacoustic music researcher.
«AB The contemporary World» - specific release for a musician and for Pocket Fields. For planning this record Dario has attracted a whole orchestra consisting of a number of instruments: flute, two violins, two cellos, oboe, percussion and piano. This music is incredible by the idea and execution was recorded on tape at the end of May during a concert in Quindi, that is part of the concept too.
As Dario said, he “wanted to make this record in a live-mode, it`s important that you can feel the atmosphere only this way - in the case with orchestra this is especially important”.
As a result, we have an exciting musical adventure that continues 45 minutes. «AB The contemporary World» reflects the best traditions of electro-acoustics, laoptop music and musique concrete. Orchestral parts, interspersed into musical canvas, naturally supplement and round off this stunning record.
We are confident that «AB The contemporary World» - is music full of and mystical suspense and beauty and will appeal to the audience of Pocketfields!

It is an electro-acoustic composition, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered @ Volturno Studio,Pisa (Italy) by Dario Ferrante.
Composition for electronics on device and Orchestral Ensemble for 10 instruments.
The sounds of Electronic part, recorded in multitracks in 97 tracks, are made by Concrete Filtered objects, electronic synthesizers and filtered samples.This composition was performed at Teatro Rossi Aperto, Pisa (Italy) 05/30/2013 with visual art and architectural installations by Marco Fabri and Enrico Acquasanta.

The staff of the Orchestral Ensemble for this performance directed by Dario Ferrante:
Stefano Aiolli - Cello 1
Norma Regis - Cello 2
Cristiano Bocci - Electro Doublebass
Valeria De Gaspare - Violin 1
Fabrizio Zilli - Violin 2 and Oboe
Simone Paiano - Flute
Ruben Sonnoli - Piano and Synth
Michele Bianconi - Electronic percussions
Francesco Di Gioia - Acoustic percussions
Ruben Sonnoli - Piano and Synth

Thanks to:
Teatro Rossi Aperto of Pisa and all musicians and artists that have made this performance.
Art Design: Marco Fabri
© Copyright 2013 - Dario Ferrante - AB ABstraction.

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