Artist: David Eats Rusty Nails
Album: Enclave
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: CDr Ltd 100 copies
Catalogue N°: PF043
Release date: June 2014

01. David Eats Rusty Nails - Womb Wannabe (13:22)
02. David Eats Rusty Nails - The Ruling Elite Muttered Aside (10:29)
03. David Eats Rusty Nails - Next Mood Purchaser  (10:21)
04. David Eats Rusty Nails - The Priest Was Sitting On The Tooth (15:03)
05. David Eats Rusty Nails - I Felt A Surge Of Envy (05:36)
06. David Eats Rusty Nails - Seven Of Them Evaporated A Landscape (09:29)
07. David Eats Rusty Nails - Rancid Newsletter (02:03)

The album embodies carefully combined aesthetic form, individual percept of which remains a highly unique subjective nature. However, no informational value can be assigned to something limited to an incentive
function. Tunes only modify the sensitivity level of our cerebral cortex to a homogeneous state, in other words, we adapt to the sound in our own subtle way. Every experience is exclusive. Dig deep to discover your sole physical equivalents in the exceptional aesthetics of Enclave by David Dzhincharadze.

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Fields is ready to release something new for you. This time we present the album by Japanese talent :: Hakobune

More detales soon..
Hakobune :: http://hakobunemusic.jp
                 :: http://hakobune.bandcamp.com



Artist: Pleq & Philippe Lamy
Album: Sans Titre
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: CDr
Catalogue N°: PF042
Release date: December 2013

0. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Zéro (02:34)
1. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Une (13:23)
2. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Deux (04:44)
3. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Trois (04:52)
4. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Quatre (04:08)
5. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Quatre (Pjusk Remix) (05:52)
6. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Deux (Marcus Fjellström Remix) (04:28)
7. Pleq + Philippe Lamy - Sans Titre Trois (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix) (04:27)

Finally come out a long-awaited album, which was a continuation of the fruitful cooperation and friendship between Pleq and Pocket Fields. At this time it is new collaboration with talented French electronic musician Philippe Lamy. What you will hear on “Sans Titre” - a fascinating musical trip full of suspense and unexpected findings in terms of sound plot. Pleq and Philippe Lamy skillfully balance on the verge of experimental ambient, noisy textures and modern classic in minimalism tradition. Aged and cold sound of this record only emphasizes its advantage - it’s the case when austerity atmosphere of music literally breathtaking.

Furthermore, in the creation of “Sans Titre” also participated several artists, without which it is difficult to imagine modern ambient scene.
3 remixed was made by Pjusk, Marcus Fjellström and Ben Lukas Boysen.

:: The starting point of this album were the remixes of such artists as Pjusk, Marcus Fjellström, Ben Lukas Boysen and the creation of original track based on them. Second point that is worth noticing is the fact that the first track starts with number 0.

:: Written and produced by Bartosz Dziadosz and Philippe Lamy at the turn of 2012 and 2013.
   Track 0, 3, 7 voice by Sandrine Deumier (www.sandrinedeumier.com)
   Track 5 remixed by Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik / Rune Sagevik (www.pjusk.no)
   Track 6 remixed by Marcus Fjellström (www.kafkagarden.com)
   Track 7 remixed by Ben Lukas Boysen (www.hecq.de)

:: Bartosz: Thanks to my dear friend Philippe for his cooperation and special thanks to Anna Mazur for all her support.
   Thanks to Vadim from Pocket Fields for an album.

Limited Edition: CDr - 200 copies
Handstitched hard envelope.
Each cdr manually stamped with an ink print.

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Pocket Fields glad to announce big festival of experimental and avantgarde music Structure 2014. It will be held in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg first 2 weeks of January. Just mention one point: ..more than 150 participant..

more onfo :: structure.com.ru


[PF042] Pleq & Philippe Lamy - “Sans Titre”

Including Pjusk :: Marcus Fjellström :: Hecq

Limited Edition: CDr - 200 copies
13€ (including worldwide shipping)
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Artist: Headless Doll Whores
Album: Incredible Adventures Of Dolls Whores
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF041
Release date: December 2013

01. Headless Doll Whores - Intro (01:08)
02. Headless Doll Whores - Veronica (01:54)
03. Headless Doll Whores - Paulina (01:57)
04. Headless Doll Whores - Sasha (02:44)
05. Headless Doll Whores - Carina (01:30)
06. Headless Doll Whores - Agatha (00:52)
07. Headless Doll Whores - Christina (01:37)
08. Headless Doll Whores - Glikodin Waltz (01:26)
09. Headless Doll Whores - Lure (01:12)

Headless Doll Whores - this is a side project of A’Dore bassist. One day Maria began studying music programs. The result was in noisy experiments with sampling and collaging of old vinyl. Combination with noise structures, allusions of guitar sounds, radio talks of pilots.. all lying on sampled collages, made of popular Soviet songs of the first half of the 20th century. «Incredible Adventures Of Dolls Whores» and was recorded in three days.
Maria describes music of Headless Doll Whores as “a positive self-destruction”.

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Artist: Svibovitch
Album: Dissapearing
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF040
Release date: October 2013

01. Svibovitch - Dissapearing (23:34)

Andrew Svibovich - producer, sound-artist.
Born in small mountain town in the far north of Russia. Since childhood was interest in music. In the beginning it was more like an experimental music, later it acquired techno sound. Since 2006 Andrew starts warming with the overtone music (harp, didgeridoo, throat singing) and percussion (darbuka, djembe). When it comes to mind is the idea of creating electronic music based on live sounds. In the recording studio «M-Records» he begins to create a library of different sounds, adopts the experience of a professional recording, instrumentation.
Andrew tries himself as an sound-artist, and together with Cyril Kanev creates the project «Poliar Poliar», where they experiment with different forms (vocals, electronics, performance, live instruments). Subsequently, music of the project has shifted towards to club music scene.
He is currently a director and co-founder of Audio School “Sound culture”, operates as a music producer, sound-artist.

Sound projects: Poliar Poliar, Svibovitch, The Voices of Saint-Petersburg.

Exhibition: “Plastic Art” at STUDIO ” Unconquered, 17 ” (2010), Night of the Museums: installation of ”The Little Prince” Cultural Center” Loft Project” (six-channel sound 2012), “Animal”, the Museum of Contemporary Art “Erarta” (2012), “Beauty”, the Museum of Contemporary art “Erarta” (2013), ”Pro Arte” contemporary Art in traditional Museum State Museum of the Political History of Russia (2012).

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Artist: Saito Koji
Album: Good Night
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: CDr
Catalogue N°: PF039
Release date: September 2013

01. Saito Koji - Good Night (60:00)

Saito Koji - is a master of melodic minimalist drone ambient from Japanese Fakusima. Saito is always welcome-resident at respected labels such as taâlem, Ritural Colours, SEM, Resting Bell and Somehow Recordings.

PF039 - this is the second album of a double release series of Saito Koji, specially written for the Pocket Fields. Material of the album is very characteristic of Saito’s music creation. This is repeated cycles of guitar loops placed in a viscous, covering texture of the background sounds. During the hearing, musical moving changes so harmonious that it’s hard  to noticeThis piece is the final second part of duble series album. This one hour part painted in darker colors. Saito’s music will take you into a voyage through the dark warm night.
"Good Night" and have a nice dreams..

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CDr, please use our bandcamp page or contact us by e-mail:
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Handstitched hard envelope maded from recycled paper. Each cd manually stamped with an ink print.

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Artist: Dura
Album: Aware
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF038
Release date: August 2013

01. Dura - Face Forever (19:56)
02. Dura - Crystal Curtain (20:03)
03. Dura - Aware Mono No (23:16)

Mattson Ogg form New York presents his new album under name Dura. He decided to call the record “Aware” (pronounced ~Awarei) from the phrase Mono No Aware which means the “the pathos of things” which is sort of an acceptance of the transience of things. He jumbled these words on one track to “Aware Mono No” to make it a little less sensical and specific. The title encapsulates the feel of the record and draws the listener to the fantastic last track, which is the future direction of Dura project. This explanation is for your benefit. Letting the sounds speak for themselves.


Now you can listen to 12 new Untitled albums by Saito Koji at his Bandcamp page.
Black appearance :: Bright sound




Artist: Furthers
Album: Furthers 2013
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF037
Release date: July 2013

01. Furthers - Peels (08:13)
02. Furthers - Soma Offret 43 (08:04)
03. Furthers - Change 2fndª (05:30)
04. Furthers - Neric Khe (08:14)
05. Furthers - Ristijarvi Ppl (08:13)

Hence the kindred symbolism behind monikers like Furthers. This ambient duo claims to be from Finland, but it seems much more likely they’re from Ukraine - for several reasons. First and foremost, the two gentlemen responsible for Furthers’ web presence live just outside Kiev: Dmitry Olexienko and the so-called Lune Suis (Evgeniy Ivanchenko). Their networking pages are written entirely in Russian or Ukrainian. Together Olexienko and Suis are now announcing the release of an eponymous mini-LP that Ukrainian audiences have been expecting since 2011, if not longer. Vkontakte comments from that period are marked by a single theme: when will your new material appear? Nothing happened quickly.
These washed-out lo-fi sounds, again made with cheap equipment and inspired by an empty Finnish landscape, are well appreciated. They make sense to local ears.
An eponymous LP from Furthers (Kiev and Ristijärvi, Finland)
A June 2013 announcement for a Kievan Furthers concert invited audiences to enjoy “something that’s always unique - because it’s improvised.” In a similar vein, the networking profile of Lune Suis is currently headed with a simple phrase in Russian: “Be Kind.” Spontaneity and charity: two qualities that can be found by walking “further” from the dubious values of urban life.
The two members of Furthers are (often) located in the town of Irpin, positioned between Kiev and the surrounding countryside. It only appeared in the late nineteenth century, as initial railway networks were developed in order to ease that same passage between city and fields.

(text by Far from Moscow)


image Artist: Dario Ferrante
Album: AB ABstraction
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF036
Release date: July 2013

01. Dario Ferrante - AB ABstraction (47:38)

Pocket Fields preparing a long-awaited conceptual release. At this time we offer the work of Italian musician Dario Ferrante, who is well known as electroacoustic music researcher.
«AB The contemporary World» - specific release for a musician and for Pocket Fields. For planning this record Dario has attracted a whole orchestra consisting of a number of instruments: flute, two violins, two cellos, oboe, percussion and piano. This music is incredible by the idea and execution was recorded on tape at the end of May during a concert in Quindi, that is part of the concept too.
As Dario said, he “wanted to make this record in a live-mode, it`s important that you can feel the atmosphere only this way - in the case with orchestra this is especially important”.
As a result, we have an exciting musical adventure that continues 45 minutes. «AB The contemporary World» reflects the best traditions of electro-acoustics, laoptop music and musique concrete. Orchestral parts, interspersed into musical canvas, naturally supplement and round off this stunning record.
We are confident that «AB The contemporary World» - is music full of and mystical suspense and beauty and will appeal to the audience of Pocketfields!

It is an electro-acoustic composition, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered @ Volturno Studio,Pisa (Italy) by Dario Ferrante.
Composition for electronics on device and Orchestral Ensemble for 10 instruments.
The sounds of Electronic part, recorded in multitracks in 97 tracks, are made by Concrete Filtered objects, electronic synthesizers and filtered samples.This composition was performed at Teatro Rossi Aperto, Pisa (Italy) 05/30/2013 with visual art and architectural installations by Marco Fabri and Enrico Acquasanta.

The staff of the Orchestral Ensemble for this performance directed by Dario Ferrante:
Stefano Aiolli - Cello 1
Norma Regis - Cello 2
Cristiano Bocci - Electro Doublebass
Valeria De Gaspare - Violin 1
Fabrizio Zilli - Violin 2 and Oboe
Simone Paiano - Flute
Ruben Sonnoli - Piano and Synth
Michele Bianconi - Electronic percussions
Francesco Di Gioia - Acoustic percussions
Ruben Sonnoli - Piano and Synth

Thanks to:
Teatro Rossi Aperto of Pisa and all musicians and artists that have made this performance.
Art Design: Marco Fabri
© Copyright 2013 - Dario Ferrante - AB ABstraction.


Pocket Fields starts working on the hand-made edition of Gareth Dickson’s album. A resident of the best lyrical electronic label - 12k - going to perform in Hungary in next few days. So, if someone walking around Europe, you can join Gareth there.


The Last Time You Were Here
Label: Pocket Fields
Format: Digital
Catalogue N°: PF035
Release date: June 201

01. Akinesia - The Last Time You Were Here (48:47)

Akinesia - young project from Moscow.
Over the past few years Yuri Kalinin
studies static in human nature and human nature in statics.. Later we will also dive into this knowledge with his new album “The Last Time You Were Here”..